Frequently Asked Questions

Online, there is an overwhelming amount of information, and leafing through all of it to have your questions answered can be quite a task. That’s why we have compiled some of our customers’ concerns that we hear regularly. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from people with non-municipal water systems.

How can I tell if my well water is okay to drink?

The only way to make sure that your water is safe for any application is to have it tested regularly by a state certified laboratory.

How do I shock my well?

What information do I get from a water analysis?

Arolo Pump & Well company uses industry standard methods of informational water analysis both in the field and in our lab. We analyze water to assist our customers in securing a useful water supply and to support our water treatment work. The tests performed and the way we report the results are tailored to these two goals. Certified analysis for other purposes such as regulatory compliance or litigation should be performed by a commercial laboratory. Below are the elements we test for and a brief description.









When our analysis reports odor, it is usually expressed as a description of what is causing the odor rather than a numerical result. In some cases, we report sulfur odor as parts per million of hydrogen sulfide. On water samples tested at our office, we usually do not report odor because it may not persist in a transported sample.


Here are some links to websites with good information on wells and well water.

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