How Residential Sonoma County Water Well Pump Systems Work

How Residential Sonoma County Water Well Pump Systems Work

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In rural Sonoma County water well pumps are the main way homeowners access their water. While you do not necessarily need to know the smallest details of how your system works, you should have a basic idea.

There are Three Main Types of Water Well Pumps

Getting the ground water to the house happens in one of two ways, it is either sucked up from above, pushed up from below, or a combination of both. How your water reaches your home depends on what type of pump you have. 

  1. Jet Pump – Normally used with shallow wells less than 25 feet deep, jet pumps create a vacuum using suction to pull the water up from the well, much like drinking through a straw. 
  2. Double-Drop Jet Pump – Uses the same type of suction as a standard jet pump, but also uses pressure to push the water from underneath as well.
  3. Submersible Pump – Best used in deeper wells, a submersible pump uses pressure to push the water up the pipe.

The Jet Pump System

Often kept within the home, or a specialized well house, a jet pump is installed above the well. Using a centrifugal pump, also known as an impeller, drive water is moved through a narrow jet that causes an increase in speed that then creates a vacuum. This vacuum draws additional water into a special tube that increases the pressure and sends it into the plumbing system.

The Double-Drop Jet Pump System

In Sonoma County water well pumps may need to be deeper than 25 feet, in which case they may need the double-drop jet pump system. This water pump works much like the regular jet pump system, except it has an additional pipe leading into the well that pushes water up from below while suction is created above.

The Submersible Pump System

A submersible system is best for deeper wells and uses an impeller to push the well water up the pipe instead of creating suction. This helps maintain even pressure throughout the longer journey to the plumbing system.

Arolo Pump & Well Can Help

Which type of pump that is right for you will depend on several factors, such as well depth and water needs. To learn more about how a residential water well pump system works, or to request a consultation regarding well repair in Sonoma County, please contact the experts at Arolo Pump & Well today!