How to Properly Choose Water Well Pumps in Santa Rosa

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Having the right water pump on your property is important if your household depends on well water. However, selecting the right water pump can be complicated. There are many different options out there. You just need to know how to find the right one. Arolo Company is here to assist and explain the different water well pumps available in Santa Rosa and is here to connect you with the right hardware for your needs.

Here are the different factors you need to consider when choosing a water well pump in Santa Rosa

  • Depth of the Well

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting the right pump. There are three different kinds of wells currently in use. The first is a dug well, which was most likely created by a backhoe and then lined with stone. These kinds of wells are generally around 30 feet deep (max). The second is a driven well. These go down deeper, to around 50 feet or so. The third option is a drilled well. This has the potential of going down hundreds of feet. Naturally, there are different pumps for each kind of well. You just need to know what kind of well is on your Santa Rosa property.

  • The Pump Type

There are a handful of different pump types to consider here. First, there is a centrifugal pump. This works by creating suction through an internally rotating fan. These pumps are popular and used often (but are just for shallow wells).

The next is a submersible pump. This one works with any well type, regardless of depth. The pump is submersible, lasts long, and is watertight. The only downside is it needs to be fished out of the well for any kind of maintenance.

Lastly, there is a jet pump. This is a much more powerful pump, which helps improve water pressure and brings water into your home faster. It does work for any kind of well type and any depth. These are more expensive up front but tend to last longer than the other well pump types.

The Arolo Company Team Can Help

At Arolo Company, it is all about connecting you with the right equipment and services your home or property needs. No matter the question you have regarding water well pumps in Santa Rosa or what kind of services you’re interested in, contact Arolo Company today.