MARCH 2014

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MARCH 2014

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Hello! Welcome to and our first blog post. Be sure to navigate all of the pages and features of the site, and join the conversation by adding a comment below, or submitting any questions you may have via the contact form on the right of every page, or by clicking HERE.

The big topic of discussion in the North Bay has been the drought. The current water crisis touches every part of our community from the average municipal water user to farmers, ranchers, and especially homeowners with water wells. Changes have been seen in the water tables from Marin to Cloverdale and beyond.

This is why conservation is so important. What may not be affecting your home, ranch, or business yet, could spell disaster in a very short time. Imagine trying to operate a dairy without any running water. Or going even one day without water for your family in your home.

At this point, we all need to work together in finding conservation solutions for our most valuable resource. If you would like to learn more about what solutions Arolo Pump & Well can provide for low water production, water scarce areas, or surface water contamination, just call us at 707.762.4028.

And to learn more about water conservation in our area, visit the Sonoma County Water Agency by clicking the picture below.