Signs You May Need a New Well Pump in Santa Rosa

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When your home relies on a local well pump for its water, it is imperative for you to stay on top of potential warning signs it’s starting to fail. The last thing you want to deal with is a pump and well situation where you either don’t have water, or water is leaking into your Santa Rosa home. To avoid these kinds of issues, here are some signs you may need a new well pump and when to contact the Santa Rosa professionals at Arolo Pump & Well Company, Inc.

Common Tank and Water Issues

Most of the more common pump and well problems in Santa Rosa are easily identified, so you shouldn’t have an issue with at least knowing if there is something up with the pump and well. The first major sign is your water is dirty. Now, if you haven’t had water in a while, it is possible for some “rust water” to run through. However, if this is continual or long lasting, there is a bigger problem at play.

Other common issues you’ll run into include an odd, loud noise whenever you run the water. There might be air bubbles coming up through the faucet, which gives the effect of the faucet “spitting” water. Also, if your water bill is unusually high, it means there is likely a leak somewhere.

Drop in Pressure?

Have you noticed a drop in water pressure inside the house? This might be connected to your well pump. Additionally, if you have an expansion tank and it is losing pressure, it also means there’s probably an issue with the water pump and connected well. Usually a loose of pressure means there more than likely is a leak somewhere.

Stop Working?

Did your pump suddenly stop working? If it did, you need to look at your own home and determine what may or may not have happened. Did the entire house lose power? If so, there isn’t an issue with the pump, it just doesn’t have a backup power generator. If your home didn’t lose power, the pump is the issue.

Arolo Pump & Well Company, Inc.

When you run into pump and well problems in Santa Rosa it is essential for you to be proactive and contact our professionals as quickly as possible. With the help of our licensed, bonded and insured team at Arolo Company, you’ll have the issue diagnosed and the problem corrected in no time.