The Advantages of Constant Pressure Pumps for Well Pump Repair in Sonoma County

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Some of the most frequent complaints we hear during our work doing well pump repair in Sonoma County involves water pressure. Whether it’s a residence or a business, maintaining proper water pressure is important, particularly when the system comes under heavy usage. Plus, many people who have recently moved to Sonoma County may have their first on-premise well and not understand how well pumping systems work. Being accustomed to city water systems, they assume there’s a problem with their well if the water pressure fluctuates.

Low or inconsistent pressure can also cause numerous day-to-day challenges, such as:

  • Difficulty cooking
  • Frustrating showers, or with inconsistent temperatures
  • Toilets being slow to refill after a flush
  • Low or non-existent pressure if multiple appliances are being used
  • Inefficient and wasteful water-softening or iron-removal systems

In most such cases, the solution is relatively obvious: The addition of a constant pressure pump. This one upgrade is a popular option for well pump repair in Sonoma County, and can solve all these issues almost overnight.

How a Constant Pressure Pump Works

A constant pressure pump is a feature that’s installed in your existing well. In some cases, they can be added directly onto your existing pump to reduce upgrade costs. For example, a single-phase conventional pump can be easily converted into a constant pressure pump just by replacing the 3-wire control box.

How does such a constant pressure pump work? It has two main features:

  1. Smart pressure monitoring

The system automatically monitors the pressure of the water going through it at all times. If the pressure dips, this causes the system to increase the pumping rate to compensate. In this way, it can easily make up for problems such as low water pressure when multiple appliances are running.

  1. (Optional) Pressurized water tank

In many cases – if desired – we also install a pressurized water tank which works alongside the main pump. This gives the system better high-usage responsiveness. The pressurized water tank remains full when not in use so that it can supplement the water flow whenever the primary pump cannot maintain full pressure.

With these features, even operations such as a business that use a lot of water during the day can enjoy even and predictable water pressure throughout.

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