Troubleshooting a Water Well Pump in Sonoma County Area

Troubleshooting a Water Well Pump in Sonoma County Area

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There is never a good time for trouble to hit. This is especially the case when it comes to your Sonoma County water well pumps.

If you own a water well pump and it is malfunctioning, you need to do what you can to correct the problem before it turns into a major situation. Before you reach for the phone and call the pros, here are a few troubleshooting tips to do on your own.

No Water

Is there no water coming in at all? Hopefully you can correct this with one of these quick troubleshooting steps.

  • First, check to make sure the power is on. The well switch is located near the pressure tank. You should also check the broker to see if the circuit tripped. If everything looks good, check the pressure switch which is mounted on the 1/4 tube by the tank.
  • If the switch is bad you’ll need to replace it, although banging on the tube might kick it back on, although this is usually just a short-term fix.

Pulsing Water

  • Does your water come out in pulses and not a steady stream? This usually is because there is some sort of water log in the tank. Chances are you’d rather avoid buying a brand-new tank (which is a few hundred bucks).
  • Instead, check the tank’s valve core by using a small screwdriver and press it against the air valve to clear it of any water (it looks like a bicycle air valve). If this doesn’t work you may need to replace the tank.

Pump Won’t Stop Running

Does the tank continually run, regardless of what is going on? If so, there might be a broken water line connecting your house to the well, or there could be a bad check valve or bad connector.

If you hear some sort of clicking in the pressure switch, it means there is likely a serious problem. This is not something you can do on your own, so contact a professional.

For many of the most common Sonoma County water well pumps, these troubleshooting tips should assist in correcting the situation you may have found yourself in. If you’re still running into problems, it is important to contact a professional right away. This will help not only correct the problem but prevent it from becoming a more serious issue. Contact Arolo Pump & Well for pump and well solutions at (707) 762-4028.