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Arolo Company has worked hard to develop a vast knowledge of waste handling systems. We have a complete line of Separators, Pumps, Mixers, and Aeration products to offer. We are happy to assist you in the design, and installation of a new system or retrofit of your current system. We also offer troubleshooting and repair services.


Arolo is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the Northern Coast of California of the DariTech Inc., manure separator product line. The line includes theDT360, and EYS Screw Press separators.

By combining well established technology with the knowledge and wherewithal of Arolo Company Inc., and its over 20 years of experience with screw press separator technology, we feel that EYS produces the most effective, screw press separators on the market today. EYS has a variety of separators to choose from depending on your goals:




SP-600 This is our standard duty machine, capable of high capacity separation with production of a highly manageable stack of solids between 25% and 30% dry matter. The SP-600 is perfect for an operation that seeks to remove the fiber ahead of long term storage, and to stack that fiber in a neat and dry pile.


SP-600 HD

SP-600HD Developed exclusively for the preparation of the feedstock for DariTech, Inc.’s BeddingMaster, the SP-600HD has heavy duty components coupled to a slow turning gearbox that dries solids in excess of the 35% dry matter required for effective composting.


SP-800 HD

SP-800HD is a longer, higher capacity, faster turning separator for larger dairies with a need for solids greater than 35% dry for purposes such as green bedding.


DariTech, Inc. has developed a reliable, self cleaning manure separator at a reasonable price for the dairy industry.  The internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar concept was DariTech Inc., to improvement on the older rotary screen separator. Now we are pleased and proud to introduce the DT360, our new rotary style manure separator.

The DT360 has many features which are attractive to dairymen as they balance performance, reliability and labor and maintenance costs with the manure handling challenges facing today’s dairies. We understand that your time, as well as your crew’s, are best spent on tasks which make the dairy more productive, time spent maintaining and cleaning screens is all but eliminated. The automated spray bar, which can be configured for any timing sequence, allows for ongoing cleaning of the screens with minimal labor required.

Whatever your manure separation needs, Arolo Company Inc. has the product line to get the job done. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Waste Handling Pumps

Arolo Company is able to offer you many different types of waste handling pumps:

Pit Pumps

    • Doda Submersible
    • Tsurumi
    • Flyght


    • Doda
    • Cornell
    • Gorman-Rupp
    • Berkley

Along with many other brands. Depending on what you are trying to do, we can help you find the best pump for your requirements.

These pumps can be configured for many different jobs:

  • Flushing
  • Transfer
  • Irrigation

With different power options:

  • Electrical motor
  • PTO
  • Engine driven

Bedding Master



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