Well Pump Repair in Sonoma County: Common Water Pump Problems

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So, your deep well pump has sprung a leak? Or is letting out a shrieking wail and refuses to pump water to your house? What do you do? Do not commit the mistake of taking a DIY approach. Instead of trying to fix the problem yourself and potentially making it worse, call Arolo Pump & Well for friendly, fast, and cost-efficient Sonoma County well pump repair.

There is no denying that having your own well comes with a number of advantages such as fresh, clean water and lower monthly costs. Like all other mechanical parts, well pumps too, begin to show signs of wear and tear with age. This is why it is important to schedule regular well maintenance to keep your well pump in pristine condition, to keep your faucets from running dry. You will also need to be well-versed with common well pump problems so that you can call in a professional when a problem arises.

How to tell if your well pump is going to break down?

  1. Poor water pressure
  2. No water flow from faucets
  3. Constantly running pump

What should you do?

Check Your Electrical Panel

When you discover that your faucets have run dry, the very first thing you should check, is the electrical panel. See if the circuit for your pressure tank and well pump is in “On” position. If not, simply flip it on and check if the pump resumes its work. If this solves your problem- this could be a one-time glitch, and you can get about with other important things. If the breaker fails again, turn the breaker off to prevent further damage and call in a Sonoma County well pump repair professional to check your pressure switch.

Check your Water Table

If your neighborhood has experienced a drought, there may be a lack of water in your well. Sputtering or spitting of muddy and murky water, or a change in the taste of water can be signs of a low water table and not a faulty well pump. This could be temporary, or your pump may just need to reach out deeper to draw more water. If your water supply does not resume days after your neighbor’s water supply has improved, it may be time to call in a Sonoma County well pump repair professional to diagnose the issue with your water pump.

Check if the pump is constantly running

If your water pump keeps running, it can spell trouble. Either the shut-off switch or the water sensor may have failed, or the pump may be struggling to raise water from the well. If you notice that the pump cycles on and off frequently, you may be dealing with a waterlogged tank. While this is not a serious issue, neglecting it will cause for the pump to eventually wear out. It’s best to call in a trained expert to thoroughly investigate the issue.

As tempted as you may be, well pumps are complicated equipment, and there are many risks to performing your own repair jobs. It’s the best way to keep your family safe. Instead of picking up a wrench, pick up the phone and call Arolo Pump & Well to perform your water or well pump repair in Sonoma County.