Irriland Irrigation

Arolo Company is proud to offer the IRRILAND line of hard hose traveling irrigation reels.  Irriland’s proven experience in the sector has led to the development of an innovative range of automatic irrigators equipped with choked flow turbines with operation guaranteed at 35 PSI. This allows Irriland automatic irrigation reels top performance with the most economic use. The entirely hot-galvanized steel framework, right down to its smallest parts, assures a long service life. Moreover, all Irriland automatic irrigation reels take advantage of the wide range of accessories that makes them suitable for any working condition.
Some of the main technical features that distinguish Irriland models are:
  • Oil-bath reduction gear box with several speeds except Sport series
  • Very strong polyethylene pipe
  • Worm screw pipe-guiding system
  • P.T.O. for rapid rewinding in an emergency (available as option for Sport series)
  • Irrigator trolley (complete with irrigator) to be chosen from a wide range of models
  • Automatic disengagement at the end of irrigation
  • Automatic disengagement in the event of the pipe winding outside its clearance profile
  • Constant pipe return speed thanks to a tried and tested automatic system that acts on an independent by-pass (except Sport and Comfort series)
  • Available trolley lifting systems: automatic for Sport, Comfort, Silver and Compakta; hydraulic for Silver, Diamant, Superstar
  • Adjustable track width available for: Silver, Diamant and Superstar